To support the Poetry in Union – A Poetry Experience for Valentine’s Day

We had great the Poetry in Union – A Poetry Experience for Valentine’s Day

Honey Novick 

Anna Yin


Poems for two Mr. Li and Terry barker, Thank them for their donations to the LCP

(photos thank to Guan Tao, Zhang Yan, Li GuoJing, Jason Liu…)

Hope to meet you on Feb 14 and write a poem for you too.

The following poems are that I wrote for friends or upon requests.

Anna Yin’s Spontaneous Writing for friends on Jan 31, 2021

 Anna Yin’s Spontaneous Writing for friends on Feb, 2021

 Anna Yin’s Spontaneous Writing for Current events


WePoetry 【海外詩粹】2021-01: a special issue of poetry and translation from 《Mirrors and Windows/镜子与窗户》(includes 36 accomplished English-language poets’ work with Anna’s Chinese translation, and 20 skilled Chinese-language poets’ work with Anna’s English translation)


2021, Oct (Guernica Editions)


 Vivian雯 2021/01/10 於紐約

Living Your Dream Life interview videos -Anna Yin by Iris He

Anna Yin (1)The Flowering Mind Summit Founder Iris He invited Anna Yin to share her poems and her poetry journey at the Living Your Dream Life Summit (Jan 11- Jan 20 free event) to help others to find their passion and fulfil their dream.


Here is a short video summarizing the interviews in English.  Thanks the League of Canadian Poets for funding.

 You also can watch longer interviews at  the Living Your Dream Life Summit 

Frank Jiang’s poetry collection in Chinese/把时光绕进诗里——江南诗选 (SureWay Press, 2021)

江南/Frank Jiang,  作者/Author
Winding Time into Poetry/Frank Jiang
First book edition Feb, 2021
ISBN 978-0-9739148-4-9 (book)
Editor/编辑:Anna Yin (星子安娜)
Cover Designer/封面设计:Oliver Yang (杨鸿)