SureWay Press

 SureWay Press provide:

* Cultural Event Organizing

* Translations (Chinese/English)

* Editing / Book Publishing / Reviewing


Design: T.T and Oliver Yang  

Editor/Translator: Anna Yin

Guest Editor: Terry Barker

Books by SureWay Press:

978-0-9739148-6-3 HISTRONICS/Hans Jongman (May, 2021)

Author:    [email protected]



978-0-9739148-4-9 Winding Time into Poetry/ 把时光绕进诗里-江南诗选  2021 (Poetry in Chinese by Frank Jiang)  Jan, 2021

Author:    [email protected]


978-0-9739148-5-6 Tracing The True North (Terry Barker) (April, 2021)

Author:    [email protected]

John Robert Colombo’s letter for Tracing the True North



978-0-9739148-3-2 Winds from the East Book 202106 Forthcoming
978-0-9739148-2-5 Dialogic Dilemmas (Norman Wang) Book 202101  shipped
978-0-9739148-1-8 Farewell to Sunflower Book 200510 out of print
978-0-9739148-0-1 Beyond My Knowing Book 200508 out of print

To request editing/reviewing, workshops and publishing, please contact:  [email protected]