Upcoming April free poetry events

2023 April 26: Poetry for Joy and Harmony at Churchill Meadow Community Center (10-12 am)

2023 April 26: Online Haiku Workshop for Mississauga Library (7pm)

2023 April 22: Haiku workshop at UUCM Mississauga, in person

2023 April 12: Haiku Workshop for Mississauga Library (in person, Malton Library, 4-5 PM)

Heartfelt: Custom Poetry Fundraiser for the LCP

Please consider requesting a custom poem for Valentine’s day! A great team of Canadian Poets offer spontaneous personal poems as gifts–for a great cause! Featuring Heartfelt 2023 poets: Cathy Thorne, Jim Nason, Antonia Facciponte, Michael Fraser, Sharon Lax, Josephine LoRe, Grace Ma, Vironika Wilde, Maureen Hynes, Susie Wheelehan, Anna Yin, Sue Bracken, Laura McRae, Sarah Tsiang and Kate Marshall Flaherty Details please check https://poets.ca/heartfelt/

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing English-Chinese Edition January 2023

Thank Mark Ulyseas for the excellent design and production and for advancing the date of publication. Thank Emma Barone for the great artwork. It is perfect to celebrate the new year in both cultures with Anna Yin’s special English-Chinese Edition. Congratulations to all poets! Here is Anna’s short poem for the artwork and the edition: The New Coming
In the deep forest
among luminating light and shadow
the water rabbit rises with red long ears
listening to heavens’ songs
Click the images to check more.

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing English-Chinese Edition January 2023

Anna will share the edition on Jan 11 zoom meeting for a Chinese group and the newsletter of League of Canadian Poets!

Happy New Year- a special translation edition for 2023

Mark Ulyseas has invited Anna Yin to be a guest editor for a special bilingual edition. She has selected the following eight Chinese poets and eight Canadian poets (not in Mirrors and Windows) with poetry from a wide range of themes, different styles and unique backgrounds… Their poems with Anna’s translations will be showcased in Feb, 2023 Live Encounters! Stay tuned!

Here we also want to share the following poems with Anna’s translations, which inspired her to write new poems for her CC grant project!

the Arts for Business Directory 2022-2023 from Mississauga Art Council

MAC’s Arts for Business Directory is a roster of professional performers, musicians, visual artists, instructors, photographers, and more. Anna Yin’s services: Poetry for Health and Harmony in this collection are available for corporate events and communities to connect people with nature and their own creativity. For details, please contact Anna! Happy Holiday Seasons!

Video of Poets & Painters-Arts in Translation: Armand Garnet Ruffo, Yan Li and Anna Yin on Dec 9, 2022

Thank you all for joining us for a special event. Thanks Dr. Ruffo and Yan Li for sharing their work and knowledge. The video is ready! We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a great new year!