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Thanks Albert Moritz, 牧辛 & R. G. Moyles for blurbs! More poems by Don with Anna Yin’s translations are in Epoch Poetry Quarterly, New World Poetry and Live Encounters Poetry and Writings etc

【海外诗粹】主编 @Vivian雯 的图文精彩编辑和点评推荐 : 安娜的翻譯讓我們近距離地讀到了古特里奇
而古特里奇的詩又為我們打開了更廣闊的閱讀窗口這對中國讀者來說是有益的,同樣對原作者唐•古特里奇來說也是頂好的. 它利於更多詩人從中理解、了解和釋解東西方詩歌文化中獨具匠心的一面…

Starlight Tapestry: Don’s poetry collection with Anna Yin’s Chinese translations, price $20

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Don’s new chapbook: FIRST IMPRESSIONS- Early Days with Anne by Don Gutteridge ( A gift for you to read and download for free)

萬沐长篇小说《传媒大亨》/ Media Moguls (fiction) by Frank Wan (2023)
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