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 SureWay Press provide:

* Cultural Event Organizing

* Translations (Chinese/English)

* Editing / Book Publishing / Reviewing

Design: T.T, Oliver Yang  & Anna Yin/星子安娜

Editor/Translator: Anna Yin/星子安娜

Guest Editor: Terry Barker

Books by SureWay Press:

Starlight Tapestry/星光织锦-Poems by Don Gutteridge 星子安娜翻译 (2023)

Author/作者:Don Gutteridge [email protected]
Translator/译者:Anna Yin (星子安娜) [email protected]
First Edition/首版:June 2023/ 2023年6月
ISBN/国际书号: 978-1-998911-00-4
Blurbs by Albert Moritz 牧辛 & R. G. Moyles, publications including Epoch Poetry Quarterly, New World Poetry

萬沐长篇小说《传媒大亨》/ Media Moguls (fiction) by Frank Wan (2023)
联系:[email protected]   微信:springtreesbeautiful

国际书号:ISBN 978-0-9739148-9-4

Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More 

Edited by Anna Yin and Hans Jongman

click the book cover for free download

ISBN  978-0-9739148-8-7 (eBook)

978-0-9739148-6-3 HISTRONICS/Hans Jongman (May, 2021)

Author:   [email protected]

Histrionics: A Medley of Haiku and Haibun–Review by Patrick Connors


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