Anna Yin’s Spontaneous Writing for friends on Feb 2021



for vivian 雯

You find me through
the road not taken.
What you see through
the woman within her house-
Blue and bluer.

There is a river
full of water lilies,
one after another
we drink the bittersweet
and wash our lips to raise our voice.

Dear, in the darkest sky,
I hope to find lucky stars.
I want to plant them
in your eyes,
I want us to see more and further-
Not blue but WePoetry.


The Wise Wish
for 桐語

You must have known
there were gold mines hidden in books,
so you asked for your dowry
to be a whole house of books.

Your parents must have known better,
so they did not grant that.
To become rich is not to own books,
but to live a loving life.

Life is an open book.
Now with a son and a daughter,
You indeed become a millionaire.
The wise wish comes true.


For Lesley Fletcher







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