Poetry In Translations:

Videos for the four sessions and group session:  (review for past sessions)

Our Stories/Co-creating project, final workshop led by Anna Yin and Arlene Paculan, filmed by Alan Ma, Date: Nov 4, Place: Churchill Meadows Library Mississauga

Part 1: Anna Yin sharing her poetry with music and photos…


Part 2: Guests Sharing their artistic experiences

Part 3: Arlene performing her songs and sharing her stories

Part 4: Arlene performing her songs and sharing her stories, continuing…

Part 5: Arlene sang a different song and we together wrote a song.


Our Stories/Co-creating project, workshop #8 led by Phoebe Wang, Date: Oct 29. Place 4150 Finch Ave East (CPAC)  filmed by Tony Li

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3: A small part of the Poetry Workshop, discussing about translation, line breaks etc.

Part 4: Tony Li Sharing his stories by his film


Our Story Sharing led by Richard Greene  at HSK Toronto (Oct 14, 2017)