Anna Yin’s translations for Armand Garnet Ruffo’s poems (2022/2023)

Anna Yin have translated nine poems by Dr. Ruffo and have eight of them published in Canada, USA and Taiwan etc. She also translated others’ works related to Indigenous.   

Ruffo’s The Land (Land Rights) with Anna’s translation on Lovingsister website 2022

Ruffo’s Filament with Anna’s translation 渔线 in New York First Line 2022

Anna’s translation of Ruffo’s “Indian Jesus Christ” in New World Poetry (USA)/(新大陆诗刊#194),

Anna’s translations with Ruffo’s “On the Day the World Begins Again/Treaty# ” & “Thunderbird and Inner Spirit” in print of Epoch Poetry Quarterly (台湾创世纪 )#215,

Anna’s translations with Ruffo’s Earth Mother, 1966” & “Indian Jesus Christ”  on the Live Encounter Poetry and Writings (2023, Jan)

Anna’s translations of Ruffo’s “Life Scrolls/生命卷轴 ” &  “Observations of the Astral World/星际世界观察” in print of Epoch Poetry Quarterly《创世纪诗刊》#213

Anna’s translation 渔线 for Ruffo’s Filament in New Zealand