calling for Poetry & Photos about Mississauga’s public art

fossil record
untold stories
who else comes to save
the cocooned child

pine sanctuary
light penetrate the darkness
from inside source

yesterday, today and tomorrow
the open book
of possibilities

All Mississauga residents and citizen of the global village are welcome to submit their work (short poems or photos about Mississauga’s public art) Here are some samples for poetry & photos. More public art and location can be found here on the city of Mississauga’s website. (Mississauga’s Public Art) If you can visit these locations, please do and be creative to take photos of them or write short poems related to them. You are welcome to submit them to [email protected]. We will select the appropriable to show case on this website and social media in Aug. There will be prize draws for those participants. Prizes will be provided by our sponsors and special guests. Please stay tuned.

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