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19:09:02 From Carmelo Militano : Hi Folks, Winnipeg here
19:09:08 From Carmelo Militano : 🙂
19:09:18 From Anna Yin : Welcome you all!
19:12:02 From Cecilia Pang : Yay Dr. Clarke!
19:12:12 From Kwesi Thomas : Yes!
19:12:34 From Leah Callen : George is fabulous.
19:13:06 From Cynthia Lai : Greetings from Toronto Councillor Cynthia Lai! Supporting Yang Wang. great job!
19:15:06 From Karen & Jim Stevens : hello everyone from Jim & Karen Stevens on the shores of Lake Superior in Shuniah, Ont. Sorry we don’t seem to have our camera working!
19:15:14 From Simone Poirier-Bures : Greetings from Radford, Virginia–I’m an old friend of George!
19:16:22 From judith Bauer : Greetings from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
19:16:35 From Leah Callen : Greetings from Regina to all. Honoured just to be here.
19:16:52 From laurence packer : We’d love to see another performance of Beatrice
19:16:52 From Lisa Richter : Hi Leah! Thank you so much for being here!
19:17:19 From Leah Callen : Hi Lisa! Can’t wait to hear your beautiful work.
19:17:32 From Elena Calvo : Greetings to all from sunny Gatineau. Many thanks for offering this event!
19:17:58 From Ansa Babalola : Greetings all . Honoured to be here. Reaching you from Ottawa.
19:19:07 From Madeleine Rousseau : Bonsoir d’Ottawa
19:19:24 From Anne Fleming : Here from Toronto for Ayesha (cum laude) and all the poets!
19:19:38 From Clement Kent : Hooray for 2 new hours!
19:20:30 From Husna Nizar : Go Karen!!!!!
19:20:32 From Frances Ferdinands : Frances Ferdinands. Thanks for the invite Karen
19:20:43 From Carmelo Militano : I am here with a B. A Honours, for curiosity
19:22:09 From Lisa Richter : Cheers for George!
19:22:25 From Carmelo Militano : Ty George good 1
19:23:01 From Rosanna Battigelli : Yes, cheers for George!
19:23:24 From Caroline Di Giovanni : Hello Everyone! I’m happy to join the audience from Toronto.
19:23:32 From Carmelo Militano : Cheer, cheer, cheer
19:25:58 From Lynn Jones : All the way from George’s ancestral territory-Nova Scotia! Yeah!
19:27:56 From Sheila Stewart : Oh. Beautiful piece, Ayesha.
19:30:30 From Serina Lewis : Wonderful Ayesha! I grew up in Kolkata and settled now in Mississauga, close to the Credit river.
19:35:59 From Sheila Stewart : “meanwhile the lake breaks into sunshine” thank you, Ayesha.
19:37:32 From Sunil Sinha : Beautiful Ayesha!
19:37:37 From Sheila Stewart : Thank you so much, Karen and Ayesha!
19:37:44 From Rosanna Battigelli : Beautiful poetry and music!
19:37:48 From Ayesha Chatterjee : Thank you!!
19:37:53 From Husna Nizar : Fantastic Karen and Ayesha
19:38:03 From Lissa Cowan : So moving!!
19:38:35 From Lisa Richter : That was absolutely stunning, Karen and Ayesha!
19:39:21 From Albert Moritz : Maybe it would be possible to see the songs, I mean just maybe the melody line and key signature and the words?
19:41:09 From Khan Rahi : Karen’s beautiful singing and Ayesha’s poem have depth and very pleasant, indeed!
19:41:40 From Marion Voysey : So wonderful, Ayesha and Karen! Thank you so much for creating and sharing so beautifully!
19:42:25 From DAVID JAEGER : I would be very happy to share the scores
19:42:46 From Suhashini Arulanandam : ????Thank you! Beautiful to hear these works.
19:46:23 From Darlene Madott : What a wonderful collaboration. I feel privileged to have experienced this. Thank you Ayesha, Karen Usha and Jaeger.
19:46:51 From Darlene Madott : Giovanna, you look gorgeous, as always, and such a tasteful feminine jacket.
19:47:40 From Caroline Di Giovanni : Hello my friends Giovanna and George as well as James and Juliet. A Quartet of friendly artists.
19:54:14 From Rosanna Battigelli : Powerful… “Mother of Pearl”
19:54:21 From Darlene Madott : Unmistakable, powerful voice, Giovanna. Thank you.
19:54:58 From Shirley Chen : Beautiful lines! Sorry that I have to go for I am attending an exam held at 8:00 am in Shanghai. Thank everyone
19:55:02 From Shirley Chen : Bye
19:58:56 From Leah Callen : Brava.
19:59:03 From Carmelo Militano : Bravo, Giovanna ! I heard your name.
19:59:04 From Rosanna Battigelli : Beautiful and poignant, Giovanna!
19:59:08 From Amy Hsieh : Wow! That was wonderful Giovanna!
19:59:11 From Antonio Torres-Ruiz : Molto bello! Grazie!!
19:59:27 From Ayesha Chatterjee : That was amazing
19:59:34 From Sheila Stewart : So beautiful, Giovanna!
19:59:50 From Carmelo Militano : Alas, There is a crisis in the kitchen here. Ciao a tutti, Un abbraccio.
20:00:00 From Joanna Yang : Beautiful voice and poems!
20:00:03 From Ana Austin : So beautiful and moving!!
20:00:46 From S. Findlay : So wonderful – evocative!! Just loved it.
20:01:13 From Marco Katz Montiel : Ottima Giovanna!
20:02:10 From Khan Rahi : Beautiful settings, Giovanna, thanks for sharing thrse captivating set of stories!
20:05:11 From Christine Duncan : I love this!! James and Juliet duo show!
20:07:14 From Amy Hsieh : Amazing!!
20:07:31 From Caroline Di Giovanni : Bravo! Brava!
20:07:39 From Lisa Richter : Bravo!
20:07:44 From Joanna Yang : Lovely! Beautiful
20:07:44 From Ayesha Chatterjee : Bravo!
20:07:50 From Lola Fabowale : That is priceless!
20:07:51 From Antonio Torres-Ruiz : Bravissimo!!
20:07:51 From Alan Gotlib : I love how you and Juliet brought the poem to life so beautifully, James!
20:07:53 From Elizabeth Greene : Wonderful! Makes the poem even more powerful!
20:07:56 From Sheila Stewart : Thank you so much, James and Juliet and Giovanna! Bella!
20:08:51 From E Wen : So great! Wow!
20:08:56 From Rosanna Battigelli : Bravo, James! Brava, Juliet!
20:12:10 From Sheila Stewart : Congratulazioni on this incredible collaboration!
20:12:15 From Darlene Madott : Well said, Giovanna, concerning that first experience and the impact of the musical transcription.
20:24:21 From Jennifer Waring : Wonderful work and performance, James, Juliet and Giovanna.
20:26:39 From Ayesha Chatterjee : This is such a powerful poem, Lisa
20:27:42 From Elizabeth Greene : Amazing, strong poetry, Lisa!
20:27:59 From Sheila Stewart : How beautiful, Lisa! Thank you for this important work.
20:28:43 From Christine Duncan : Powerful!
20:28:53 From Rosanna Battigelli : Stunning imagery, Lisa! Wonderful reading!
20:29:45 From Leah Callen : Magnificent.
20:29:55 From Carly Stasko : Wow
20:30:12 From Shengnan Ma : Powerful!
20:30:13 From Mary Rykov : Excellent choices and brilliant delivery. Brava, Lisa!
20:31:01 From Ayesha Chatterjee : oh this is beautiful
20:32:46 From Giovanna Riccio : Marvelous poems, Lisa. Jewess is vividly powerful.
20:33:38 From Lissa Cowan : So powerful.
20:33:53 From Leah Callen : Beautiful.
20:34:02 From Juliet & James : Yay Emily!!
20:34:02 From Rosanna Battigelli : Beautifully done, Emily!
20:34:22 From Sheila Stewart : Gorgeous, Emily!
20:34:31 From Marion Voysey : Yet another wonderful collaboration! Congratulations!
20:35:27 From Susan Knutson : Fabulous, beautiful work!
20:36:46 From Rosanna Battigelli : Beautiful piano accompaniment!
20:37:24 From Mary Rykov : Truthful rendering all around…
20:38:08 From Jennifer Hosein : So very beautiful, Lisa and Emily!
20:38:12 From judith Bauer : Such a wonderful evening! Thank you.
20:38:43 From Sheila Stewart : It is very moving, Lisa! Thank you, Emily, Lisa, George, Yang Wang, and all the organizers! Amazing evening! Bravo!
20:39:12 From Lisa Richter : Thank you so much, everyone, for all your kind words.
20:41:12 From Janice Colman : Oh what a glorious evening! Thank you all organisers! And to Lisa, my darling daughter — gorgeous, powerful work and reading.
20:45:16 From Lisa Richter : What a tribute!!!
20:46:00 From Leah Callen : Amen!
20:46:31 From Rosanna Battigelli : Awesome tribute to George!
20:46:41 From Sheila Stewart : Thank you, Ayesha! Andrea! and George!
20:50:15 From Elena Calvo : Many thanks all of you for your generosity in this offering!!!
20:50:32 From Marion Voysey : I love how you’ve read these last few poems, Ayesah
20:50:44 From Amy Hsieh :