Editing Skills and stories behind these poems

Here are poems I will discuss on March 20, 2021, please feel free to read them before the workshop.

    • three new haiku  (will read and discuss at the event)
  • Toronto, No More Weeping (won 2005 Ted Planto Memorial Award, then broadcast on CBC radio in 2005, reprinted in Anna Yin’s fifth poetry collection: “Love’s Lighthouse” (Chinese/English, Taiwan ShowWe, 2019)



  • As Much as You Know (published in Queen’s Quarterly Spring issue 2021, will share at the workshop)


(published in Windsor Review No 51, then in 2020 Extraction-Art on the Edge of the Abyss, p526) you can read it online https://www.extractionart.org/megazine  (pdf, part 5)