Haiku for haiku workshop



lovely sounds
memories of the Islands

a hot afternoon
plenty of shade here
friendly strangers

see the birdhouse
nobody home
are your glass smashes?


Blue sky
green leaves
friends gather together in the park

walk on the path
singing the birds
wind pass my hair

bloom the flowers
busy the bee
I stand by and watching

mind everywhere
fall down on the ground
river run as its natural


summer heat
my own shadow
by the empty birdhouse
summer heat
the scent of lavender
from her purple hat
summer heat
music from the golden hand-pan
cool reliefs


red red roses
from facebook friends
longevity of emoji


white lilies
our anniversary
his silent apology

summer night sky
fireworks blooming our smiles
after COVID lock-down

on her dad’s shoulder
flying the maple leaf flag
a girl with ponytail

cheers to the singer
flashlights waving
fans on tip toes


Wondering in the heat
On the Red trail
Mosquito bites

Resting on the log
Picking up some sticks
Water bottle falling

Wind blowing
Through Tree leaves
Blue Jay landing



edges fade with ease
chase hearts that sail skyward bound
blended in blushes.


delicate deep whisks
blissful beats of preciousness
adorn life’s longing


night’s descent begins
pink rippled sky points to home
street lamps light the way


night disintegrates
sunset sets the sky on fire
while horizons wait


silence in the air
earth tilts to touch the summer
the wind stands still


tiny yellow flowers sparkle
under the summer’s heat
daytime stars

lichen on a fallen twig
broken peanut shells
share a common ground

wide-eyed, a gray squirrel
up the oak tree in a blink
then stares me down

inside the urban forest
an old maple tree towers
over the soft earth

bird seeds only
words on the bird feeder
A black squirrel feeds on

two men with their handpans
haiku poets with their words
make music on Riverwood Lane


A Walk
Softly descending snowflakes
Tasteless on my tongue
Fresh dark tracks on trails I trek

Looking Up
Seeing beyond sight
Stargazing into dark skies
Feet firm on the ground

Summer heat
Beneath spreading branches
Cool relief

Splishing splashing
Nature’s bathtub
lake water babes


Crackling fireworks
Light amid dark
Embers not forgotten


Here but do not hear
Lonely but never alone
Silent but much sound