Haiku Walking Tours and Online Workshops in 2022

Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More will be an eBook that we hope to create from three haiku walking tours and two online haiku workshops. One of 2022 MAC MicroGrant Winning Programs, Everyone is welcome to join us for free no matter where you live.

This new project is aimed to build creative and resilient communities through haiku workshops; you can join one or all of activities, funded by Mississauga Arts Council’s MicroGrant Program through the support of RAMA Gaming House – Charitable Gaming at City of Mississauga.

You will have the opportunities to discover various artists and get connected, enjoy the diversity, dynamics and beauty of Mississauga and Nature, and create your own artistic work and learn how to edit. Selected work will be published in the eBook: Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More (free to download on Sureway Press).

The schedule of the project with links to details and each registration: (free)

June 25, 2022: Haiku walking tour at River Wood Garden (Succussed)

July 23, 2022: haiku virtual tour at art gallery of Mississauga +workshop (Succussed)

time: 2:00pm-4:00pm, Changed to Meet at Zoom Meeting
Participants gather and Anna gives a brief instruction, then reads a few samples, then asks participants to take a virtual art walk and try to write haiku. We will also continue to workshop our previous haiku walking tour’s work.

Aug 20, 2022: haiku walking tour & Haiga show with haiku/photo games at Japan Festival in Celebration Square  (in-person event)

time: 6:00pm-8:00pm, at Mississauga Friendship Association (MFA) booth.  There are tables/chairs setup with posters, Haiga and haiku and photos games about “How much do you know about Mississauga?”

Thanks the Mississauga Friendship Association and 2022 Japan Festival.

Two Online Haiku Workshops + Editing (July 9, Aug 13)

each focus on different techniques, skills and writing exercises

Please feel free to join all of them. You are welcome to bring your own to share

eBook online reading party with participants from the above workshops and special guests (Oct 6) 8-9pm (EST) —Changed to a short video release to public for eBook download on Sept 30, 2022

Workshop leader: Anna Yin who has instructed 100 Poetry Alive workshops and authored five poetry collections and a book of translation.  Anna was Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017) and Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets (2013-2017). Some haiku from Anna Yin

eBook Guest Editor: Hans Jongman. Hans has authored five books of Haibun, 3 book of haiku, was editor for an editor for Sweeping Leaves, an international haiku anthology (2000) 

Thank our sponsors for making the project to take form! Enjoy and See you all soon!

The Mississauga Arts Council is a registered charity with 40 years history, dedicated to enabling the growth of the arts by creating opportunity and connection between artists and residents in Mississauga and beyond.

The League of Canadian Poets: The League of Canadian Poets is the professional organization for established and emerging Canadian poets. Founded in 1966 to nurture the advancement of poetry in Canada, and the promotion of the interests of poets, it now comprises over 800 members…

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