Poetry Alive Special Fun workshops

Poetry Alive is designed to be fun, educational and includes various poetry games. Through different types of poetry (haiku, concrete poems, free verse, sonnets, found poetry…) that reflect daily life and natural, Anna shows how words, thoughts, stories and images work together to enrich our experience and to extend our imagination. By combining computer arts with engaged writing activities, Anna helps participants explore the freedom of the writing process and enjoy their creativity with various writing exercises and games.

Anna Yin has designed and given more than 100 Poetry Alive workshops at schools, libraries and colleges across Canada and beyond. Here is a list of some of her Poetry Alive workshops. The following is a two-minute video introduction made in 2016.

For March Break in 2023, Anna is designing new and fun online workshops to offer Grade 3 to Grade 8 students to help them enjoy the fun of poetry and explore their voices and creativity.

Registration is now open, limited spaces are available. (sorry, fully booked)

Each session is limited to 10 students; 20$ per person.

(discounts are available for families that are members of CPAC, East and West Learning Connections, Science kids club, Point Click Care and Procase Consulting)

Date March 15 and March 16, time slots: 10-11, 3-4

please email [email protected] with the following information:

     Name of students, Grade, Date (first choice, second choice) or other date you prefer.  

Thank you very much.

Here is the link to Anna's Mississauga award-winning haiku project