Poetry in Translation (3): Alice Major & Anna Yin

Alice Major and Anna Yin will discuss poetry, translations and life experiences. They will explore how to get inspirations from science and how to write poetry with an interesting and understandable view related to science.

Alice’s poems have be provided for discussions on coviews poetry in translation column.   Here is one of them:

The muse of universes

Once in a trillion years
the muse of universes
claps her hands. And, with that shock
of light, reverses

an aeon of drift, dilution,
the outward-rolling wave
of dark and the illusion
of end times.

A new draft, she orders
and the universe erupts
into rhyme, fields and forces
echoing. She rebuts

formlessness, sparks stanzas
from an alphabet of particles,
spells out what matters, what
radiates, what tickles

the fancy into galaxies
with gravity’s feather pen.
She unrolls the scroll of space,
says, There. Now try again.

– by Alice Major
from Standard Candles, University of Alberta Press

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