Private Poetry Classes in Summer (Online)

From July 18 to Aug 20:  each Monday/Thursday night 1 hour (9-10pm) EST

Goals: to inspire students’ interest in writing, cultures and arts with various themes related to their lives and studies (arts, mathematics, science and history etc) using some games I have designed, to engage them to discover and appreciate poetry and stimulate them to discuss the stories behind poetry and poetic devices. I will help them to apply their learning to their own writings.

Week one:  Haiku….

  • Use haiku brochure and discuss samples + samples from my Poetry Alive workshops
  • Then write their own about arts/paintings etc… workshop them

Week two: Shape poems:

  • Show some good samples of shape poems.
  • show them mine and how I write shape poems, then ask them to try. (food, animals etc)

Week three: List poem & Free Verse:

  • Theme:  Myself / My name / Map

Week four:  Other formal poetry and poetic devices

  • Introduction to other poetry

Week Five: found poetry

  • Introduction found poetry and try create some.

The above classes will be tailored to the need of the students. More classes + Group Poetry Alive workshops will be available upon request Contact [email protected] for details.