Thank 2 Mr. Li and Terry Barker for their donations to the LCP

Mr. Li from Bei Jing University asked Anna Yin to write Valentine’s Day poem for him to his wife. He was so happy about the poem and donated 60$ to the League of Canadian Poets. Thanks.  Here are the poems written by Anna Yin for him.———



Valentine Day
For Mr. Li

Sorry, you said again.
For years, no mood for any romance.

Life here is too stressful,
even daily speech so spare,
for fear any mistake

might cause
the lid to flip off Pandora’s box.

Well, all your love goes to your child.
Every day you think of his school,
his score and his future…

You wish to have the bottle’s Genie
to grant you the only wish-
Let your child enjoy life, nature and freedom.
Let him have romance, adventure and achievement.

But not now, not now,
you murmur:
There are thousands of miles to go…
There are thousands of miles to go…


Anna Yin’s alumnus from NanJing University, Mr. Li (major in Chemistry) donated $25 to the LCP, so Anna wrote a poem for him within 15 minutes)


Anna Yin interviewed Terry Barker for 5 minutes, then wrote a poem for his cat: Brownie McGhee, Terry liked it and asked Anna to donate $20 for him.

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