Poetry Consultations

for details, please contact: [email protected] or  [email protected].

Private sessions are one-on-one with Anna Yin through zoom meetings or emails, each session cost $60+ per hour.

  • Flexibility—can be scheduled to fit your timeline.
  • Focus on your writing according to your needs and your budget.
  • Experiment—various ways to try new things with helpful feedback

Poetry Consultations

Please email Anna four short poems by you, Anna will set up an zooming meeting with you to discuss more details (such as word choice, tone, setting, style, form and sound etc.)

Translation Consultations (Chinese/English, English/Chinese) 

Please email Anna two short poems with translations, Anna will set up a zooming meeting with you to discuss more details ( how to be faithful, accessible and understand the disparities between languages and cultures with various interpretation…how to breath new life into a poem by translating it in a new language)