Create and Explore CC grant project

Anna Yin poem in Chinese about Poet/Painter Yan Li giving her a lecture and her translation of Armand Garnet Ruffo’s poem were published in USA. Both are related to my current Create and Explore project about poetry, painting and translation (麒麟美洲【五洲詩軒】中外詩人新作精選《尋常記》新大陆诗刊#194


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Thank you for attending last weekend’s FOLD Academy webinar — UNSETTLING POETRY: LAND-BASED STRATEGIES FOR GENERATING POEMS with Liz Howard.

The recording of the session is now available and can be viewed on the FOLD’s YouTube channel at the following link:

As indicated in her presentation, Liz has also kindly made her presentation slides available for registrants to review. You can access the slides at the following link: