Students’ work from Clifford International School

Thank Tracey Sears sending photos of Anna Yin’s poetry alive workshops at Clifford International School (Guangzhou, China) on April 24, 2024.
Thank Teacher Simoné sending his students’ work to Anna for Mississauga’s 50th anniversary project in Canada. Yes. Many students have been written wonderful haiku about the following pictures that Anna showed them at haiku workshop. Could you figure out what scenery have inspired them? We are very happy about their wonderful writings and Anna has chosen the following to showcase and they will be included to be published in the eBook in Oct, 2024! Cheers! Thank you, teachers and students at CIS!

Painting by Nisreen Art
Painting by Nisreen Art

Darren Grade 4B

pink trees stand out
in the Japanese scenery
as a beautiful heart

Teddy Grade 4B

frogs jump
into the trees’ reflection

Olivia Grade 4B

under cherry blossoms
a little pond shows itself
green grass rustles

Roger Grade 4B

huge ears
green body
knock, knock, who is there?

Jimmy Turnbull Grade 4B

little flowers on the river
big white marshmallow in the sky
is there a Genie?

Andrew Grade 4B

a huge rabbit statue
what tale does it tell
in the enormous city?

In the sunset
A lighthouse stands
Among the trees on the bridge

Flora Grade 4B

among fallen leaves
fish swim–
what a beautiful lake