Collecting stories from people and communities for Mississauga’s 50th anniversary

Stories and photos/paintings will be collected to write for Mississauga’s 50th anniversary. Here are some I have written and planned to write, please check photos to read…You are welcome to join me or create your own for this project. Please feel free to contact me: anna.yin@annayin
for submission (art/poetry/short stories), please send with subject: Celebration of Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, to [email protected]

Thank you all!
-Anna Yin, Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017)

*** Poem: Come to Celebrate
*** Haiku & short poems: Friendship of Twin Cities (Mississauga, Canada & Kariya, Japan)
*** Poem: An evening with Brent Toderian (—Mississauga’s Next 50 Years)
*** Poem: Rattling from the Old Villages to Metropolis (Interviewing David Havard, President of Mississauga Rattlers Table Tennis Club)

*** Triple J and Maple Leaves (Chinese and English)

New updated: New work from KIFA, Kariya Japan & Students’ work from China

Mayor Hazel by Nisreen Art
City Tower

To mark the occasion of Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary, we warmly welcome writers and poets to contribute their short stories, poems, as well as photos and paintings that reflect the people, culture, and history of Mississauga. The deadline for submissions is September 20, 2024. However, we encourage early submissions for the chance to be featured on the Sureway Press website. Ultimately, all chosen submissions will be included in an eBook scheduled for release in October 2024.