Collecting stories from people and communities for Mississauga’s 50th anniversary

Stories and photos/paintings will be collected to write for Mississauga’s 50th anniversary. Here are some I have written and planned to write, please check photos to read…You are welcome to join me or create your own for this project. Please feel free to contact me: [email protected] -Anna Yin

*** Poem: Come to Celebrate
*** Haiku & short poems: Friendship of Twin Cities (Mississauga, Canada & Kariya, Japan)
*** Poem: An evening with Brent Toderian (—Mississauga’s Next 50 Years)
*** Poem: Rattling from the Old Villages to Metropolis (Interviewing David Havard, President of Mississauga Rattlers Table Tennis Club)

Mayor Hazel by Nisreen Art
City Tower