Festive Appreciation: Online Spontaneous Poetry One On One with Anna Yin

To thank friends and book lovers who support Mirrors and Windows, Anna Yin will be happy to offer writing spontaneous poems upon booked online meetings from Dec 1 to Feb 12.

Please register to book your spot through [email protected]. (meeting can be in English or Chinese)

Terms and conditions: (one of the followings)

1. Free for anyone who have purchased three or more copies of any books by Anna Yin.

2. $20 for Anna Yin’s spontaneous poetry online appointment only.

3. $60 for a package of two titles by Anna Yin and a spontaneous poetry online appointment. (including Canada and USA shipping fee )


• Six books you may choose:

• spontaneous poetry online meeting

Upon agreed date/time, Anna will meet you online and talk with you for 15 minutes, then she will write a poem for you or the one you wish. It usually takes another 15 minutes to write. She will show it and read it to you. Then she will email you a final copy.

The poem is yours to keep and share as you wish. If the poet wish to use the poem, your permission will be required.

Two recently samples:

To read more of Anna Yin’s spontaneous poems written previously, please check here.