Heart Haiku from Ride for Heart supporters

The following haiku are sending to support Haiku walking tour for Ride for Heart 2018  

(Guest editor: Claudia Radmore)  Thank you all for contribution of haiku and photos.  (Photos by Guan Tao, Oliver Yang,  Yuan Ming Hui, Coach Luo and online)

What is haiku?

A haiku is a brief poem that uses concrete images to reflect natural events and human experiences, using a two-part juxtaposition as well as simple and objective language to capture a moment of wonder or wholeness and presents the existence as it is.

Haiku is originally from Japan. It had only 17 syllables, but in English, poets like to write even shorter. But, the philosophy of haiku has been preserved: the focus is on a brief moment in time (here and now); a use of provocative, colorful images; an ability to be read in one breath; and a sense of sudden enlightenment or illumination. Senryu is another similar poetry form. Here we include both.


From Ernesto P. Santiago (Greece)

riding together
on a long arching path —
bleeding hearts

bike day —
through the lush green field
a heart to unwind

cycling countryside
smoother than unaged wine
this poet’s heart

moving in the wind
with tendrils of baby’s breath
two hearts and a bike

From radhamani Sarma (India)
walking together…
his friendly touch
with fast heartbeats

koel calls…
my walk beating with
too many rhythms

From Chen-ou Liu(Toronto)

heart-shaped flowers
I need nothing
but birdsong

a ponytailed girl
draws a heart in the sand …
rising sun

From Dorothy Mahoney

heart’s ease
the dog rolling in
spring grass

From Michael Dylan Welch (US)

she tells me
I’m her heart’s desire . . .
budding blossoms

at the gravesite
mother says something
about a purple heart

for sale
at the neighbourhood pawn shop
a purple heart


From Bryan Cook (Ottawa)

that second blip
on my chart
a heart-felt caution

veggies and
zero fat yogurt
heart healthy

without my banjo

my heart and
our grandfather clock
marking time

with her at the Odeon
goes my heart

her perfume
in my heart

From Angelee Deodhar(India)

Valentine’s Day-
he gives me a heart shaped
blood pressure pill

 From FGSnow (China)
growing into love
my heart dances
in the sky



From Anna Yin (PCC)

Ride for Heart
new hope rises…
worries lifting

into the heart
of the city
how much I miss green

holding breath
under the dawning light
i too hear the heartbeats


old songs…
my heart goes on
along the moon river

the journey to home
beats of my heart

mother’s day
someone draws a heart
on the sandy beach

breaking news
she reaches for another pill


crowd after crowd
snapshots in cherry blossoms
the puppy’s cute turn


18th birthday
his first heartbeat
i still remember

From Jin Li (PCC)

5k to 75k
walking or biking
hearts for charity

shingles blown away
heavy heart up there
loyalty not shaken


from MOM to WOW
love and sacrifice
not only in literacy of the heart

From Leslie Yang (PCC)

the cherry blossoms
and my withered heart


cherry blossoms at dusk
selfie couple shaking the tree
petals snow in my heart


flowers bloom like songs
uni-verse touches my heart
with every rhythm

From Rolly Sanchez (PCC)

rushing river
running feet
hearts feel the beat

up and down the valley…
sweating and striving
for tomorrow’s ride


From Samar Javid (PCC)

wheel turns round…
in a cycle
detoxing our heart




From  Cheryl Ashley (BC, Canada)

angels linger over hearts
in my garden


Sound of heart beats
In the fuchsia

From Sonia Saikaley (Ottawa)

my heart longs
spring mornings
sparrows sing

my mother cooks
heart and soul-soothing food
Sunday dinners

From Philomene Kocher (Ontario)

bus station musician
the sound hole of his guitar
shaped like a heart

just a glimpse
of the oriole
enough to make my heart sing

so many years
this recipe I know
by heart

From John B. Lee (Ontario)

one red fist
wrapped in silk for sparring
heart within the bone

From Honey Novick (Toronto)

rose blossoms…
hope in my heart
lights up the world

From Zhang Yi (Toronto)

a dozing moon
cricket songs fade
pounding heartbeats

From kj munro (Yukon, Canada)

I reside just outside the burrow that is your heart

waves pounding the sand
we ignore
our heart beats

From Marjorie Bruhmuller

the heart doctor
checking my ultrasound
a spectrum of sparks

From Patrick Connors (Toronto)

the heart keeps
pumping and pulsing
blood and life

the source of
life and love-
our flowing heart

From Leanne McIntosh (BC)

six sudden leaps
our hearts racing
pond frog

From Lara Beasley

facing each other
a heart shape

From anonymous (Toronto)

summer breeze…
my riding heart cheers
as you pass by

From Elena Naskova (USA)

curving hills
we walk to beat of our
palpating heart

change of heart …
an empty bird cage
in her bedroom

approaching you
rushing heartbeats
in my ears

my rattling heart
at heaven’s gateway…
Rattlesnake Ledge

hospital hallways
the sound of someone’s

winter night —
your rapid heartbeats
against my open palm

the room fills with
sound of heartbeats

From Alan Summers(UK)

everything starts
to begin and end––

the heart
of a morning
first song

the cry of geese
a beating heart hears
what it hears

the first cut
heals over

this sorrowing heart fading into plum blossom

fourteen summers
the glue remains
of a paper heart

magnolia moon
Fukushima needs petals
for everyone’s heart

wedding party
a mum carries a heart
on her handbag

the heartbreak of others
a plane’s contrail catches up
with a flight of rooks

the childing autumn
I forget heartbreak
stains to violets

From Astrid Egger (BC)

her smile ahead …
past the smoothie bowl
a trail of hemp hearts

women’s auxiliary building
year after year
bleeding hearts

her heart-shaped face
a sunflower mask

a heartfelt prayer…
cardiologist checks
his own pulse

*steady climb
ride for heart
on his sleeve

From Nika

on the wind
the scent of winter
my aging heart

scattered clouds
off in all directions
my lonely heart

skid row
asleep on the sidewalk
a broken heart

5 thoughts on “Heart Haiku from Ride for Heart supporters”

  1. my tears
    in your arms
    our hearts beat

    into winter
    the depth of darkness
    in my heart

    broken hearted
    patching it up
    with time

    racing the heart
    I can’t beat 

    scent of roses
    your heart

    ripe cherries
    your heart
    of stone

  2. A Papa’s Heart
    © Copyright by Roberta Monokroussos 5 6 18

    My heart beats for my little
    Loving gentle bird

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