A Song for Nameless Heroes/無名的守護


A Song for Nameless Heroes (trans by Anna Yin)

When our city is hushed by infection,
storms smash it with no prediction;
but fearless heroes rush to rescue
even knowing danger waits ahead.

When we say goodbye to theaters
and pause gathering for the moment;
so many nameless volunteers race
to offer their hands to save our lives.

At the moment of departure,
each one’s eyes are tearful.
Remember the vows in your heart;
each minute passing,
each silent effort,
we all promise “So long for now”.

Facing the camera, you smile.
your smiles are so bright.
But being shorn isn’t easy for you;
in fact, you are also scared,
yet you pretend to be brave…
So many touching stories like this,
Each story is a warm sun for us.

No matter worn and exhausted
you say you’re used to it –
for the cold world, there must
be someone to warm it up.
I think I see a star not afar.
I know the star is each of you.
No need to be afraid anymore.
No need to be afraid.

When we lay down yesterday ’s troubles,
we will embrace more stunning wonders.
Rainbows appear after storms for a reason,
for you give out your warmth all the time.

Perhaps dawn is almost ahead,
your smile is even sweeter.
Yet dare not relax for a moment.
Regardless of wind and rain,
no matter how difficult it is,
remember the smiling faces in your heart.
And we remember your warmth in our hearts.

You are our heroes.
You are the bright stars.
Thank you for your rescue.
Thank you for your warmth.