Haiku walking tour for Ride for Heart 2018 Updates

Had a great time and met many people at #RideForHeart. Took some photos and wrote some haiku-ish for that… thank you all for support and donation of money or haiku...

medal for each
four on one bike
cheers in morning breezes

where are you?
at the finish line
I capture the passing of others

fun to check up
my heartbeats go fast
many rounds of riding

waiting to walk
they hold heart haiku cards
cheering Ride for Heart

–June 4, 2018

Anna Yin







Because I believe a healthy and happy life is very important, I am fundraising for the 2018 Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on June 3. Your donation will push forward life-saving research like this and more and fund incredible breakthroughs to create more survivors of heart disease and stroke!

I choose to walk in the event because I want to do both Walking and haiku writing so that I can write about what I see and feel along the journey. Haiku is a three-line short poem. Everyone is welcome to join me to experience it. It is a healthy and mindful way of living. Here are some examples I wrote to start…

Today I sent my call for submission “Heart Haiku” for Ride for Heart 2018, I am happy to see that many haiku from US, UK and Canada have arrived.  Here is the link for Heart Haiku from Ride for Heart supporters.   I will keep adding more. After I collect them, I will make small cards like the above samples and distribute them while I am walking for Ride for Heart.

For donating to Ride for Heart, please click: http://support.heartandstroke.ca/site/TR/RFH2018/RFH2018?px=2002868&pg=personal&fr_id=5303

Thank you.

 Anna Yin
May 4, 2018

Showcase works from participants (before/after)

  •  haiku by Anna Yin, Photo by ShiYing















Work by Janice Zhang, photo by GuanTao

Participants were provided photos/pictures/personal items to choose to write their stories or feelings.

Here was the photo Janice chose and she wrote a poem in 5 minutes at Our Stories Co-creating and Sharing workshop.

Window by the Sea
By: Janice Zhang


I want to escape from ordinary life
And fly like the seagulls
They free their mind and soar
While the stars shine so bright

So what if I can’t flee?
Then, watch the tide and the heaven collide
Through my window by the sea

I , can always daydream
——— of you

And this gave us opportunities to co-create the following:

I want to escape from this ordinary life
And fly afar like the seagulls.
From dawn to night they soar
While the stars shine so bright.

But what if I can’t flee?
Through my window by the sea
I watch tide and heaven collide

And no one can stop 
my daydream

of you



Love Haiku Poems
By: Janice Zhang

Holding my breath
Alone in a snowy night
I wait for the sound of key turn


Moon river –
When fingers are swimming
On a woman’s skin


The moon is asleep
The cricket sound faded
Pounding heartbeats

Suggested to revise and Co-created as the following:

holding breath
alone on a snowy night
I wait for the key to turn


moon river –
fingers sliding
the curve of her skin

a dozing moon
cricket songs fade
pounding heartbeats

七律 尼亚加拉大瀑布 by Tony Wu



Niagara Great Falls
8—line poem with 7 characters

Divided America and Canada in two sides,
Tumbling like oceans and rivers, loud as passing strong cavalry like,
Huge curtain falls down joining two countries,
Rainbow strings flowing clouds high in the sky.
Falling tens of thousand years never stop,
Group Great Lakes together of five.
Number one in the world since history,
Every one knows you under the sky.

Suggested to revise and Co-created as the following:

Dividing America and Canada making two sides,
Tumbling as ocean, loud as a passing cavalry,
Huge curtain cascades down joining two countries,
Rainbow bridge tossing clouds high in the sky.
Falling tens of thousands of years, never stopping,
Five Great Lakes rolling and connected together.
Number one in the world in history,
Who does not know you under the sky?


Films and documentation by Hunter:

  1. 20171014-Poetry Workshop: Share your stories Led by Richard Greene

  2. Our Stories Co-creating and sharing project at HSK led by Phoebe Wang and Tony Li at HSK
  3. Video interview: http://ccnews.ca/index.php/tv-movies/entertainment/item/6928-anna
  4. Our Stories Co-creating and sharing project at HSK for summer camp (Aug 2)



More works by Anna Yin

The Flute In the Wind and the Traveler by Anna Yin

The flute in my case could not wait any more,
she popped up and rolled out into an open field.
Lying among daisies, she sang the wind’s whispers
and mirrored the moonlight’s glimmer.

A traveler stopped for her song.
He bent down and picked her up.
Feeling her coldness, he cupped her in his hands.
Her song paused, yet her skin’s color returned.

For a moment, she felt his fingers melt her,
and vibrated when he put lips closer.
And I wanted to know what happened next,
but could not, as I, the case, was left behind.


A Compass Rose by Anna Yin


MEMORY by Sajeda Manzoor


Thoughts wander
Time surrenders
Sometimes it haunts
Childhood memories

The past whispers
It is the cycle of life
The caterpillar becomes a butterfly

She waits for the sunshine
When it touches her soft body
She turns into a butterfly

Flapping her wings and toward the sky
She flies high and high
Among flowers she sings and wanders
She enjoys her new-born wings

She thanks to thy Lord
I am no more a wiggly thing
I am a colourful butterfly
I can fly high above the sky.    




Good discussions about three translations of a poem by Li QingZhao

For 2018 Robert Burns meets Chinese New Year night, (Jan 22, 2018), I was asked to prepare for Chinese poetry… So I chose some and asked my friends to share their thoughts, here are some good discussions from one of my friends and poets ( Leslie Yang): The three versions of this poem have their own merits and defects.

尋尋覓覓,冷冷清清, 淒淒慘慘戚戚。
①So dim, so dark,/So dense, so dull,/So damp, so dank,/So dead!
②I look for what I miss; /I know not what it is. /I feel so sad, so drear, /So lonely, without cheer.
许一、二行用相同句式,三、四行用重复句型,且押aabb的韵,体现词人寂苦无告的凄凉心境。遗憾的是“without cheer”略感累赘,未免有凑韵之嫌。
③Lonely and lonesome, bleak and bitter, Deep in dreary thoughts I missed you miserably so.

乍暖還寒時候, 最難將息。 三杯兩盞淡酒, 怎敵他、晚來風急?
①The weather, now warm, now cold, Makes it harder .Than ever to forget! /How can a few cups of thin wine /Bring warmth
against /The chilly winds of sunset?
②How hard is it To keep me fit In this lingering cold! /By cup on cup /Of wine so dry /Oh, how could I /Endure at dusk the drift /
Of wind so swift?
③In a season when warmth could suddenly a chill become, /Unable to rest was a weary soul./ How could light wine of two or three pours / Fend off a rush of wind in the late hours?
原文用反问句式,反诘的口吻写风急引起了词人的哀愁。曾译文为了完整表达,显得冗长,失去了诗歌的精炼,更像散文体。林、许译文保留了反问句式,语气和原文旗鼓相当。“敌”字以“cope with”和“endure”译出,力度则显不足。林巧用介词“against”,取得了异曲同工的效果。

雁過也,正傷心, 卻是舊時相識。
①I recognize the geese flying overhead: My old friends, Bring not the old memories back!
②It breaks my heart, alas, To see the wild geese pass, For they are my acquaintances of old.
③As wild geese flew by, in sorrow I dwelled, /And remembered how I had seen them before.

滿地黃花堆積。 憔悴損、如今有誰堪摘?
①Let fallen flowers lie where they fall./To what purpose/And for whom should I decorate?
②The ground is covered with yellow flowers, /Faded and fallen in showers./Who will pick them up now?
③ On grounds in piles were petals of yellow. /Wilting in grief, who’d these flowers pick?
词人见黄菊花凋零,不堪入目,想到自己身世寥落,无人怜爱不由感慨万千。林的“fallen flowers”过笼统。比较下,许译“yellow flowers”较忠实。曾译文相对简洁也忠于原意。许用“showers”表示黄花堆积,既形象生动又与下句中的“now”押韵,堪称佳译。

守著窗兒, 獨自怎生得黑?
①By the window shut,/Guarding it alone,/To see the sky has turned so black!
②Sitting alone at the window, how/Could I but quicken/ The pace of darkness that won’t thicken?
③By the window I pined, /In solitude how could I while away the day till darkness arrived?
Could I bear alone the sight until it is dark? 词人孤苦一人,冷清寂寞就连熬到天黑都觉不易。《金粟词话》称其“用浅俗之语,发清新之思,词意并工,闺情绝调”。林译是说天色已经变得漆黑,与原词的意境相去甚远。许、曾较好地体现了原词的意境,尤其是许词语的选择和意境的烘托都更胜一筹。

梧桐更兼細雨, 到黃昏、點點滴滴。
①And the drizzle on the kola nut/Keeps on droning:/Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat!
②On plane’s broad leaves a fine rain drizzles/As twilight grizzles.
③Drizzle through phoenix trees fell, /At twilight, drops and drips dribbled and rolled.
“点点滴滴”写出了秋雨的淅沥绵密。许、曾二人的译文押韵,达到了“音美”,且保留了原文的意境,但说到生动传神当推林译。用“Droning”恰当描绘秋雨的低沉单调;拟声词“Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat”的运用更令人拍案叫绝,形象地描摹了“点点滴滴”的秋雨。

①Is this the kind of mood and moment /To be expressed
②By one word “sad”? Oh, what can I do with a grief/Beyond belief!
③In fall, how could sorrow possibly spell a melancholy overflow!

结论: 以上三种译文各有所长,堪称大家手笔,当然也存在尚需改进之处。林译于音、形、意上均有顾及,且不乏生动传神之笔,有些地方甚至达到了“青出于蓝而胜于蓝”的境界,但“创译”甚多,需提高忠实性。许通过变通和补偿较好地再现了原文的音美、形美和意美,比较像一首翻译的英文诗。曾译大致体现了原文的形美和音美,不足之处是每行音节过多,而且“阐释”的译法时有所见,缺乏原词的委婉含蓄之美,淡化了诗意。

Poems fro Robert Burns’ Night and Chinese poetry with translations

A Red, Red Rose                   Robert Burns

我的爱人像朵红红的玫瑰     (王佐良  译)

O, my Luve’s like a red, red rose,
That’s newly sprung in June.
O, my Luve’s like a melodie
That’s sweetly play’d in tune.


As fair as thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry.


Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun:
I will love thess till, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run:


And fare thee well, my only luve!
And fare thee weel, a while!
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho’ it ware ten thousand mile.



LI Qingzhao – Lyrics to the Adagio of Resonance



Li Qingzhao (Chinese: 李清照 1084 – ca 1155), pseudonym Yi’an Jushi (易安居士), was a Chinese writer and poet in the Song dynasty  She is considered as one of the greatest woman poets in Chinese history.

Translated by 林语堂:

So dim, so dark,

So dense, so dull,

So damp, so dank,

So dead!

The weather, now warm, now cold,

Makes it harder

Than ever to forget!
How can a few cups of thin wine

Bring warmth against

The chilly winds of sunset?
I recognize the geese flying overhead:

My old friends,

Bring not the old memories back!
Let fallen flowers lie where they fall

To what purpose

And for whom should I decorate?
By the window shut,

Guarding it alone,

To see the sky has turned so black!
And the drizzle on the kola nut.

Keeps on droning:

Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat!
Is this the kind of mood and moment.

To be expressed

By one word “sad”?
























The Street Market in the Sky

Guo Moruo

Faraway street lights light up

just like countless sparkling stars.

From the sky stars come into sight,

as if a myriad of street lights.


I think in the ethereal sky,

there must be a beautiful street market.

Items on display in the market

certainly are treasures not found here.


Look! The shallow Milky Way

must not be very wide;

the Cowhand and the Weaver Girl

surely can ride cows to meet.


I think they, at this moment,

are strolling along the sky streets.

Don’t believe me? See that shooting star!

It is the lantern they are holding

while walking around.
















For Li Qing Zhao
by Anna Yin

I cup your shadow
with blue fire;
across the ocean,
the wind tastes more salty.

The white is whiter,
and whiter…
the cold is colder,
and colder…
In the early autumn,
I fail to explain to those
who read your poems in accents.

They chase me with questions―
how we Chinese women,
footsteps no sound,
hairbun so high,
shy away from strangers.

Well, clouds are overhead.
I catch ink drops
on my skin―
a trace of moon.







Smile Seed by Li Guang Tian

Someone brings a smile seed,
plants it deeply in my heart.
Even though it’s a sad land,
it still grows this smile seed.
The smile seed sprouts.
The smile seed blooms
among the trembling leaves,
also in grasses by roadsides.
On the cross at the steeple
there are smiling flowers.
Amid white clouds in the sky
there are smiling flowers as well.
Where is the sower now,
that wandering child?
I have forever remembered your smile,
though I don’t know what your name is.


Our Stories/Co-creating project, final workshop led by Anna Yin and Arlene Paculan

Our Stories/Co-creating project, final workshop led by Anna Yin and Arlene Paculan, filmed by Alan Ma, Date: Nov 4, Place: Churchill Meadows Library Mississauga

Part 1: Anna Yin sharing her poetry with music and photos…

Part 3: Arlene performing her songs and sharing her stories


Watch more videos 


Photos for the event


Snapd Reporting 

Our Stories/Co-creating project, #8 Poetry Workshop led by Phoebe Wang

News reporting in Chinese on CCNEWS.CA

Photos by Heady and ShiYing.

Videos by Tony Li    Date: Oct 29, Place: 4150 Finch East, (CPAC)


Part 1: Phoebe Sharing her stories and poems

Part 1: Phoebe discussing about Anna’s poem

Part 3: A small part of the Poetry Workshop, discussing about translation, line breaks etc.

Part 4: Tony Li Sharing his stories by his film