祝贺加拿大总督文学奖提名诗人Don Gutteridge’s 英文诗以及中译出版,译者星子安娜

星光织锦是加拿人诗人Don对诗以及先辈们的景仰,也是生活以及历史的珍贵写照。星子安娜为我们搭建另一种语言窗口去了解和欣赏,值得推崇!–辛牧 (《创世纪诗刊》主编)

In Don Gutteridge’s Starlight Tapestry, Anna Yin presents a superb group of poems full of ripe
wisdom from a poet who has played a central role in Canadian literature for more than fifty
years. And she contributes to Chinese poetry with her translations of Gutteridge’s work and
vision. Gutteridge is a poet of “the loving lustre of our life / together”. His is a world that is
“always / a burled beginning, all feel / and sense and tendrill’d touch.” The poet’s veneration for
all good things that he encounters is vividly displayed in this collection.

—A. F. Moritz

Don Gutteridge is a Canadian author of 70 books: fiction, poetry and scholarly works; one of his poetry books was a finalist for Governor General’s Literary Awards in 1973. He taught at Western University in the Department of English Methods. He is now professor emeritus and lives in London, Ontario.

Anna Yin was Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017) and has authored five poetry collections and a book of translations: “Mirrors and Windows”(Guernica Editions). Her poems/translations won awards and appeared at ARC Poetry, New York Times, Queen’s Quarterly, China Daily, CBC Radio etc. She teaches Poetry Alive. Her website: annapoetry.com

Congratulations on the huge success of Poetic Drama discussion event/诗剧分享: 夜访女娲

Congratulations on the huge success of Poetic Drama discussion event. Here is the news report from World Chinese Weekly(世界华人周刊). SureWay Cultural Services was glad to co-host with Canadian Society of Int’l Performance Arts (加拿大戏剧表演艺术学会) and World Chinese Weekly (世界华人周刊). Zhou Jun is a fine Chinese writer who has applied the ancient Chinese creation myth to the modern issue of effects on human life of artificial intelligence and the challenged role of motherhood. Anna Yin was asked to translate this poetic drama and finished translating it in Aug, 2022. In Sept, Mr. Han Chanfu invited Anna to share her work for his writers’ group in Vancouver. Anna recommended the drama. It was appreciated by the group and it was decided to present the work with support from SureWay Cultural Services. The event went very well. It was a fun, intriguing and educational night. There were many interesting and profound discussions. Chinese theater club members in Vancouver performed part of the drama, Anna also shared the trailer of David Stones’ One Man show and Anne Carson’s Show from YouTube, as well as Terry Barker and Anna’s reading from her translation to engage the audience. The event lasted two hours with many participants involved. We thank the League of Canadian Poets for the support. Click here to read more texts from the drama in Chinese and English.

当东方神话撞见现代高科技 ——诗剧《夜访女娲》分享交流会圆满举办 (崔淼淼报导世界华人 2022/11/14)
诗剧《夜访女娲》分享交流会加拿大专场 (人民日报 报导(2022/11/14)
当东方神话撞见现代高科技——诗剧《夜访女娲》分享交流会加拿大专场 中华网报道 (2022/11/15)

Poster by 加拿大戏剧表演艺术学会

Zhou Jun’s drama

Anna Yin/星子安娜 translated the Poetic Drama: Night Visits to Nuwa

photos of the guest speakers for this event.
The event’s recording lasts two hours with the author Zhou Jun and guest speakers’ discussions.

Anna Yin and Terry Barker read parts from her translation

News report from writers network in ZheJiang, China
Thanks LCP’s support!

John Robert Colombo’s letter for Tracing the True North

John Robert Colombo
42 Dell Park Avenue / Toronto M6B 2T6 / Canada
Phone 1 (416) 782 6853
E-mail [email protected]
Webpage www.colombo.ca

19 May 2021

Dear Anna Yin and Terry Barker:

Many thanks are due to the two of you for drawing my attention to Tracking the True North, the reading of which gave me great pleasure, that of reminding me of what I already knew and of introducing me to what was new to me.

SureWay Press has produced an agreeably informative text and a volume that has the distinguishing characteristics of being two essays and indeed two texts in one – a detailed and exact narrative about conceptions about the “lost past” and a wealth of commentaries on ever-present (albeit hard-to-find) source materials.

I am sorry you did not notice in passing Colombo’s All Time Great Canadian Quotations (1994), which has hundreds of chronologically arranged quotations, the first of which begins in 1,000 B.C. (from the Vedas) and the last to A.D. 1995 with Judith Merril embracing the vision of the Voyager Interstellar Record then approaching outer space. There is also is the “Polar World / Tropical Valley” section of the final thirty pages of Mysterious Canada (1988) which covers some of your material from highly imaginative and conceptual perspectives including the Theosophical one.

The author has done an amazing amount of reading and has bravely embraced the imaginative and intuitive dimensions of human desire, illusion, knowledge, history, hope, and achievement. It puts “Canadian” history in the widest of possible perspectives. I hope Tracking the True North sets the compasses of young readers spinning and awakens their sense that history is a story that may indeed be true.




Living Your Dream Life interview videos -Anna Yin by Iris He

Anna Yin (1)The Flowering Mind Summit Founder Iris He invited Anna Yin to share her poems and her poetry journey at the Living Your Dream Life Summit (Jan 11- Jan 20 free event) to help others to find their passion and fulfil their dream.


Here is a short video summarizing the interviews in English.  Thanks the League of Canadian Poets for funding.

 You also can watch longer interviews at  the Living Your Dream Life Summit 

Frank Jiang’s poetry collection in Chinese/把时光绕进诗里——江南诗选 (SureWay Press, 2021)

江南/Frank Jiang,  作者/Author
Winding Time into Poetry/Frank Jiang
First book edition Feb, 2021
ISBN 978-0-9739148-4-9 (book)
Editor/编辑:Anna Yin (星子安娜)
Cover Designer/封面设计:Oliver Yang (杨鸿)



《Mirrors and Windows/镜子与窗户》will be published on Oct 1, 2021


Mirrors and Windows is a selection of representative work of 56 Canadian, American and Chinese modern poets with translation by Anna Yin. It includes 36 accomplished English-language poets’ work with Anna’s Chinese translation, and 20 skilled Chinese-language poets’ work with Anna’s English translation. It provides various styles and topics from the work of a wide range of ages of modern poets of East and West.

Thank  Guernica Editions for scheduling the book for fall 2021 launch on Oct. 1 2021

In 2020, Anna Yin hosted Poetry in Translation /East Meets West (4+1) with four contributors: George Elliott Clarke, Molly Peacock, Alice Major and A. F. Moritz.

Here are videos for these events. Stay tune for more in 2021.